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My name is Koen Van Damme. I'm a freelance software engineer, living and working in Belgium. I have experience in a wide range of software technologies.

Working for various companies in consumer electronics and industrial processing, I built up 20 years of C++ expertise, including C-based scripting languages like Lua, Tcl, Python and Ruby. I like tough technical challenges: automatic translation of legacy code, database optimization, Bezier curve rendering, or implementing a device management framework. You can hire me as a contractor, or I can share my knowledge with your team by giving them a fast & funky C++ training (both for beginners and advanced C++ programmers).

I've also gained some experience in web development (mostly PHP, Javascript, MySQL and SQL Server), creating CRM intranet sites and online shops in the retail sector. I love organizing a software project from beginning to end, being involved in all stages from requirements analysis through development to testing and deployment.