About me

I'm Koen Van Damme, freelance software engineer. I have 20 years of C++ expertise, including C-based scripting languages like Lua, Tcl, Python and Ruby. I've also done many projects with databases and web-development, specifically with PHP.

Feel free to contact me if you need a motivated contractor for one of your challenging software projects.

Since 2012, I've been giving a fast-paced C++ training with lots of funky tips & tricks, both for beginners and advanced C++ programmers.

Recent articles

How to write a parser. This is a series of articles on the topic of parsing. It shows you how to develop your own parsers, using very simple techniques such as recursive descent parsing and schemas. It also gives a very gentle but high-level overview of the theory behind declarative grammars.

Turn your scripting language into a code generator. When generating large volumes of boilerplate code, you need a tool that keeps the input readable and the output properly indented. This article gives a few tips. It also offers some tools you can download and experiment with.

Data file formats for Tcl scripts. This article shows some very easy techniques for parsing text files in Tcl. It provides lots of examples to explain the techniques step by step.

Objects in Tcl. This article introduces the most common techniques for adding object-orientation to Tcl. None of the techniques requires recompilation, they're all written in pure Tcl. We also give pointers to many of the existing object systems for Tcl.

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